How the Shows Work

Wondering how a Without A Net murder mystery works? Here's the gist. Of course, adaptations can be made to fit the needs of any venue or client.

First Things First

Two professional actors will arrive and talk through the details of your event with the caterer and venue host. Once everyone is comfortable, the actors will place small vote cards on the tables to create excitement when your guests are seated and the opportunity to solve the crime at the end of the evening. Once everything is set, the actors will disappear until the audience arrives. When you see them again you may not recognize them, but you'll know who they are.

Enter: The audience

As your guests arrive, the actors mingle with them in character. Addressing small groups of people, they tell jokes, add ambience, and select a handful of people to play small roles in the show. These roles are scripted and printed on pieces of paper so audience members can feel comfortable and confident. The audience is then seated. If a pre-dinner course is desired, it is served at this time.

The story begins

Once the course is cleared, Act One begins. Still comfortable in their dining seats, the audience experiences a scripted, interactive show filled with off-the-cuff and personalized moments that only come from improvisation. Those members of the audience who were given scripts are cued by the actors to stand up during parts of the show to contribute what's on their paper...and sometimes add a little extra. Twenty to thirty minutes later, new stars are born and many laughs are shared.

The plot thickens

After dinner is savored and cleared, it's now time for Act Two. With another twenty to thirty minutes of performance, the mystery develops and clues are uncovered. After reviewing and questioning the suspects (those audience members introduced earlier in the show), it's now time to vote. As dessert is served, audience members fill out their vote cards with who they think "done it".

Drum roll, please

After the votes are collected and the correct answers set aside, the actors come out for the big solution. From there the case is solved, the murderer confesses, and an audience member is selected from the stack of correct answers as the victor. Everyone who played a part is recognized. After all the thunderous applause, you are able to wrap up the evening by promoting your upcoming events, announcing the raffle results for the big fundraiser, or simply letting the guests leave telling you they can't remember the last time they laughed so hard.

Case Closed! Or is it?

Want to know more? Additional details can be found in our "Frequently Asked Questions". Better yet, give us a call or send us an e-mail. We would be happy to discuss the unique details of your event and how we can fit your needs for killer entertainment.