How long do the shows last?

Typically between 3-3½ hours, from mingling through the dessert and solution. We can adjust our timing to fit any event length.

How many people are in your shows?

Our performances include two professional actors who play multiple characters. We also have a handful of audience members who play parts and become suspects in the mystery.

How many audience members play parts?

Between 6-10 people, depending on the script. We always end up with more "characters" in the audience, based on the personality of the crowd.

Can we ask you to give a part to someone?

We will always take into account recommendations, (i.e. the boss at the company party, the bachelorette that comes to the winery to celebrate her last night of freedom, the regional celebrity at the fundraiser, etc.). We will never force anyone to play a part. But fear not! If you have someone you want acknowledged during the show, like birthdays/anniversaries or a guest of honor, we are absolutely on board for that.

What is the cost?

Since there are many factors that go into the show rate, we do not have a price list. However, by giving us a few pieces of information we can easily give you a no obligation quote.

Where do you travel to?

We are happy to travel anywhere nationally or internationally.

Seriously, we are out in the middle of nowhere. Do you still travel here too?

We sure do.

Do you need to have a stage?

No we do not use a stage. We perform in the dining area. It's much better for audience interaction.

What if we don't have a venue?

We are excellent at helping brainstorm or discuss solutions.

Do you perform on trains?

Yes, we have adaptations of our shows for trains, boats, and any other mode of transportation you can think of.

So cruises would work too?


Should our dinner be plated or buffet?

Either works well. You and your caterer decide what's best for you.